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Our company is proudly New Zealand owned and operated and has been producing and supplying accurate and trusted schedules to all the major players in the building industry for over 20 years.

We train and retain the best qualified staff and have staffing numbers of over 70 within our group.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and quick turnaround times and have grown and established ourselves as a highly recognised company over the many years we have been operating.

We have developed our own software and systems that put us ahead of our competitors. We are always moving with the industry changes so we remain strong in our field of expertise. We stand by our service with our schedules backed by our ESLNZ guarantee.

Outsourcing your Estimating needs provides a wide range of advantages for your business.

Pay only for what you quote
Removes the cost of full time staff employed

Reduce staffing liabilities
No need to worry about staff leaving, retraining, sickness or staffing levels

Consistent turnaround times
We have large staffing levels so can maintain similar turnaround times regardless of market peaks and lows, year to year

No restrictions on complexity
We can provide material schedules on all levels of difficulty, from standard homes through to complex/architectural/light commercial works

Guaranteed quality
We are an independent company and our name is only as good as our last schedule, so we ensure top level of quality and service is maintained at all times

Focus on what you do best
We enjoy what we do and love doing the quantifying for you, so you don’t have too

Without accuracy we wouldn’t be in business so we pride ourselves on what we produce and what we deliver. We have systems in place that have developed and evolved over the 20 years we have been in business.

We are always updating and upgrading our technical information and computer systems so our clients can be assured that we are always up to date with new products and changes.

Over the last 5 years we have kept our lead times at an average of 4-5 working days so we can maintain the same service during those peak times and quieter times.

Having large staffing numbers is a huge benefit of being able to keep this consistent, they are trained and encouraged to produce the best work they can, without compromising quality or service to our clients.

We are independent and pride ourselves on our accuracy, so we stand by and adhere to strict training and checking procedures to ensure each client receives a schedule they can be confident to give their customer. Along with this we offer an overall guarantee on our schedules.

Our Services

Be assured that when using ESLNZ you are dealing with a company that gives you confidence of top quality and honest service.



Building Material Suppliers





Full takeoff - Incl Frames

Full takeoff - Excl Frames

Framing only




Data Security

Job Management

Our Customers



Our expertise is working with and supplying Building Material Estimates for merchants and building companies.

Throughout the years we have listened to the building material suppliers needs and requirements. In doing so, we have developed and improved our business to keep ahead in the industry.

We have developed our own software while fine tuning our procedures and systems in line with what Merchants want so we can be sure to provide you with the level of service you expect from a professional Building Materials Estimating company.



We can either provide a building materials schedule direct to you, or send on your schedule to your preferred merchant.

We can provide the quote in either or both PDF and excel format.

Our quotes include builders wastage factors so you can be sure that what is quoted will cover your building requirements.



We know that for busy trades people, quoting takes up a lot of your valuable time. You are better utilising your time doing what you do best – your trade.

So here at ESLNZ we can take that hassle from you and provide you with a Building Materials Quote suited to your requirements, leaving you with only the pricing to add on to the quote.

We can provide quotes to painters, roofers, insulation, cladding specialists just to name a few.

Our Satisfied Customers


"We here at Mitre10 have had a very good working relationship with the company based in Christchurch for the last 10 years. Our partnership with them has enabled us to secure long term business relationships here in Wanaka with our trade clients. With the cooperation and efficiencies that we have worked on together, has enabled us to provide the market with a professional and accurate document on time. As our market has changed, we have always looked at ways to improve our offer to these challenging market demands that are put on us. They have always considered the clients requests and this is why their company is a trusted brand to Wanaka Mitre10..."

( Trade Manager Mitre10 - Client )

"The company I work for has used their services for several years now. Personally, I have always found them to be friendly and very easy to deal with. They provide the service we require in a timely manner without compromising accuracy or reliability..."

( National Manufacturing Operations Manager Carters Head office - Client )

"The company in Auckland is very professional business. As a commercial sales representative I rely on them to ensure plan take offs are of a high standard. I would highly recommend them to any business…"

( Commercial Rep Carters Hamilton - Client )

"It is with great pleasure that Hamptons ITM have the opportunity to recommend Estimating Services Christchurch. Hamptons ITM confirm that they have dealt with Estimating Services since August 2005, during which time they have provided excellent support in the estimating market for Hamptons ITM’s building industry. Their work has been professional in every respect with recognition from our customer base. Hamptons ITM can confidently recommend Estimating Services as a solid reliable supplier and experts in their field."

( Hamptons ITM )


We specialise in producing estimates of Building Materials in a range of different formats depending on our clients’ requirements.

We have a data matching process where all schedules can be returned using client skus and descriptions. This eliminates confusion when clients apply pricing, which ultimately speeds up the quoting process by up to 50%, as well as the ordering process when a job has been won.

Our high demand formats are

Full Take Off
Framing Only
Balance of House Only
Part Take off

We can also provide specialist estimates such as roofing estimates for roofers, insulation estimates for insulation installers and many more.
Please talk to us to see if we can service your individual requirements
For detailed explanations of these formats, please see the examples below


Web Based
Our systems are all web-based using the latest technology available. Along with this, all our operations are linked by a set of servers that are synchronised to each other meaning we can operate from any location no matter what the circumstance is. Most recent example is the Christchurch Quake where we still continued to operate with zero disruption to our clients.

Data Security
All our data is stored on servers where they can only be accessed with the correct levels of authority. We take this seriously to ensure not only our data is secure, but also our clients.

Job Management
Job reporting and job tracking is available as part of our full service. It allows our clients to forward plan their workload easier, along with keeping track on the status of all their schedules. Plans are stored online which eliminates physical storage and ensures the measured plans can be accessed at all times. This is especially useful for reference if your client changes the version of plan to what was measured.

This ensures that our systems are protected in case of disruptions or outages at any time.

Future Developments
We are always looking for ways to continuously improve and develop our services so that our clients are always ahead of their competition. Our clients can be confident that we are always investing in new ways of adding new improvements to our systems and procedures to ensure we are the best that we can be at all times.

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